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December 30, 2011  

Guest: Prof. Philip Jenkins

Prof. Philip Jenkins is the Edwin Earl Sparks Professor of History and Religious Studies at Pennsylvania State University and a distinguished senior fellow of the Institute for Studies in Religion at Baylor University.  In the past he held a full professor in Criminal Justice and American Studies at Penn State.

Prof. Jenkins is highly regarded as a leading experts in global Christianity and the emergence of new religious movements. His many publications, books and articles address issues of crime and justice, the crisis of sexual crime within churches, new religious cults, and the large variety of Christianities that have existed during the course of history.

His most recent book is “Laying Down the Sword: Why We Can’t Ignore the Bible’s Violent Verses”  which looks some of the most violent texts in the scriptures of Jews, Christians and Muslims and presents the many ways, pro and con, that religious people have dealt with them.

December 29, 2011  

Guest: Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente is one of today’s pioneers in trend strategy. He founded the Trends Research Institute and its Trends Journal in 1980 and has since been one of the nation’s most sought after diagnosticians and forecasters. His work covers over 300 fields including business and finance, politics, the environment, society and technology.

Gerald’s insights have been sought for by major networks, PBS and BBC, Russian TV, and publications such as the Economist and major newspapers.

December 28, 2011  
Guest: Diana Beresford-Kroeger
Diana Beresford-Kroeger is an Irish-Canadian researcher, scientist and nature mystic who perhaps knows more about trees and forests than anyone in North America. She is an expert botanist  and medical biochemist who has written extensively on the molecular biology of trees, their medicinal properties, the social interactions between trees and other life forms in our forests, sustainable forestry, and the traditional wisdom trees hold for healing.  Her scientific work has appeared in The American Heart Journal and the Journal of Microscopy.  In past she has held science posts at the Canadian Department of Agriculture and the University of Ottawa School of Medicine.
Diana’s own research gardens outside Ottawa, open to the public, include rare plants from Turkey, Iran, China, and a hundred rare types of trees from the northern forests and other countries, many that are endangered.
Her recent book, “The Global Forest: Forty Ways that Trees Can Save Us”, shares 40 short essays that our frequent guest Bill McKibben says reflects someone who understands a subject so deeply that information is transmuted to wisdom.  After reading The Global Forest, you will never look upon a tree in our usual impersonal way ever again.
December 27, 2011  
Guest: Danny Schechter
Danny Schechter, popularly known as “The News Dissector,” is a television producer, journalist, filmmaker and media critic who has a renown reputation for serious in depth reporting on controversial issues. He was a producer for ABC Newsmagazine and 20/20 and has received 2 Emmy Awards.
Danny also has a distinguished educational background with degrees from Cornell, London School of Economics and having been a fellow at Harvard University.  He has also been a professor at Columbia University’s School of Journalism.
His most recent book, “Occupy: Dissecting Occupy Wall Street”, with a preface by Greg Palast, which traces the roots, history, and significance of the recent occupy movement.   And he is the host of the program “The News Dissector” that airs every Friday afternoon at 1:00 PM on the Progressive Radio Network
December 26, 2011  

Gary hosts an in-depth discussion on the controversy of vaccines.

December 23, 2011  

Guest: Christopher Vasey

Christopher Vasey is a well-known European naturopath living in Montreaux, Switzerland.  During his 30 years of practice, he has had an opportunity to study with many of the world’s famous naturopathic doctors and healers and he lectures widely throughout Europe and in the US.  Dr. Vasey’s work and writings, now translated into many languages, focus on the science and practice of detoxification, water therapies, pH monitoring and also more spiritual writings exploring the nature of blood and the human body.

His most recent book “The Healing Power of Fever: Your Body’s Natural Defense Against Disease” and has been published in the US by Inner Traditions

December 22, 2011  

Guest: Rocky Anderson

We have joining us for today’s broadcast Ross “Rocky” Anderson who announced his candidacy to the Presidency and the launch of a new national party – the Justice Party – at the end of November.

Rocky is the former two-term mayor of Salt Lake City, serving from 2000 to 2008. He is the executive director of organization High Road for Human Rights.  Prior he practiced law in Utah for 21 years and was listed in Best Lawyers in America.  A former member of the Democratic Party, he left ver its evisceration of the Constitution and it having morphed as a flip side of the GOP.

Among his achievements and positions, which will have a chance to explore more thoroughly are:

·        Listed by Business Week as one of the top 20 activists in th world on climate change and has received many awards from various environmental organizations

·        Recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the top 10 advocates for GLPT equality

·        A leading opponent of invasion of Iraq and the only US mayor who advocated for the impeachment of George Bush

·        As mayor of Salt Lake City he succeeded in reducing incarceration of those convicted for minor crimes such as drug possession and rather created restorative justice programs that earned him his second World Leadership Award.

December 21, 2011  

In lieu of a guest, Gary shares his newest commentary and takes your calls.

December 20, 2011  

Guest: Bill McKibben

Bill MicKibben is one of the nation’s best known environmental activists and authors, whose book The End of Nature in 1989 first alerted the American public to global warming. Since then has become one of the nation’s leading environmental activists opposing fossil fuel excesses, mountain clearing for coal, the natural gas industry and other greenhouse gas technologies increasing the pace of global warming.

Bill is the creator of the 350 Organization movement, a national grassroots movement to mobilize the population to exert pressure on our elected officials to move more diligently and aggressively on global warming and the global tipping points upon us.

Bill’s last book is “Eaarth: Making A Life on a Tough New Planet”  He is a resident scholar at Middlebury College and lives with his family  in New England on land Robert Frost once owned.

BOOK:  “Eaarth: Making A Life on a Tough New Planet”


December 19, 2011  

In lieu of a guest, Gary takes your calls on capitalism, the economy, and "The 99% Challenge".

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