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May 31, 2013  

The psychological phenomenon of craving and the reasons why we cannot seem to get enough of that which we crave for.

Dr. Omar Manejwala is a nationally recognized expert in addiction, addiction psychiatry and the psychological phenomenon of “craving” who integrates neurobiological sciences with integrative behavior practice, such as somatic therapy, to promote transformative change in patients.  He is currently the Medical Director of the Hazeldon Foundation that specializes the study and treatment of addiction behavior.

Dr. Manejwala received his medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and was an Executive Chief Resident of Psychiatry at Duke University.

He is the author of the recently released book, “Craving: Why We Cant Seem to Get Enough.”

May 30, 2013  

A look at China as a growing or failing economic power

Dr. Steven Leeb is the founder, chairman and chief investment officer of Leeb Capital Management, an investment house managing large-cap growth portfolios.  He is also the founder of the Leeb Group, which published extensive financial letters and has received multiple awards, including for the publications of The Complete Investor and Leeb’s Real World Investing.

For the past 30 years, Dr. Leeb has written many books on global economic trends and forecasts addressing oil and energy crises, future technologies and assets such as gold and metals.

He is also the author of a 2011 book “Red Alert: How China’s Growing Prosperity Threatens the American Way of Life” which focuses in great length on the long-term strategies behind China’s present national push to be the preeminent country in renewable energy technologies.

Newsmaker: An initiative to permanent shut down Indian Point due to increased likelihood of a hydrogen explosion in the event of a meltdown

Mark Leyse is a nuclear safety consultant, who researched and wrote Riverkeeper’s enforcement action petition, dated November 14, 2012, requesting that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission order the Indian Point nuclear power plant to be shutdown permanently.  The petition cites safety analyses indicating that hydrogen produced in the event of a meltdown could detonate and breach one of Indian Point’s reactor containment buildings, causing a large radiological release to the environment.

Leyse has also worked as a consultant for other environmental organizations, including Natural Resources Defense Council.  He is also the author of the NRDCs recent research and investigative report, “Preventing Hydrogen Explosion at Indian Point Nuclear Plant: Fact versus Industry Spin”


May 29, 2013  

The threat to one of Africa's most sacred animals - the White Lion.

Linda Tucker is a conservationist from South Africa whose work with the endangered White Lions has been compared to the environmental activist efforts of Jane Goodall’s work with chimpanzees. She is the founder of the global White Lion Protection Trust that is dedicated to not only the preservation of the white lions but also the indigenous wisdom tribes of the Tsonga and Sepedi cultures that celebrate the white lion as part of their sacred living heritage. Her work has been featured in documentaries by National Geographic and Animal Planet.

May 28, 2013  

Continuation of a conversation about modern neuroscience – what it can and what it can't tell us about our brains and about ourselves.

Dr. Robert Burton, MD is a physician, journalist and author    writing about the new science of brain, mind, neuroscience and the philosophy of science.  He was formerly the Chief of the Division of Neurology at Mt Zion Hospital at the University of California at San Francisco and was the associate chief of the department of Neurosciences.  Dr. Burton received his degrees from Yale University and the UCSF Medical School He writes frequently for the San Francisco Chronicle and Salon. His latest book is “The Skeptics Guide to the Mind: What Neuroscience Can and Cannot Tell Us About Ourselves.”

May 27, 2013  

Another empowering hour - listen as Gary gives the latest in health and nutrition information, commentaries and a lot more!

May 24, 2013  

Health risks and national epidemics associated with dairy, with Susan Levin.

Susan Levin is the director of nutrition education for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine headed by Dr. Neal Bernard in Washington DC, which is devoted to promoting preventative medicine and better nutrition. Susan has a masters degree in nutrition from Bastyr University, registered dietician specializing in sports nutrition, and has done extensive research and counseling on diabetes. She has also conducted clinical work with the Swedish Medical Center and has taught at the Peking University Health Science Center in Beijing China

May 23, 2013  

Discussion on the March Against Monsanto with Tami Canal.

Tami Canal is the leading organizer and inspiration behind the global March Against  Monsanto, scheduled to take place in over 400 cities around the world this Saturday May 25.  Having lived in California when Prop 37 to label genetically modified foods and ingredients was defeated in November, she took it upon herself to raise the alarm about Monsanto’s endangering the world’s food supply and organize a popular dissent against the company’s domination of the political dialogue on the safety of our food and a sustainable environment.

For New York City

Union Squre, 50 E. 17th Street, 1 pm

For New Brunswick in New Jersey

Meet at George Street Food Co-op

89 Morris Street, new Brunswick

For  a list of cities and meeting locations see:


May 22, 2013  

Biocognitive Sciences - how our cultural beliefs and environment contribute to immunity, aging and longevity, wounding and healing, with Dr. Mario Martinez.

Dr. Mario Martinez is a clinical psychologist specializing in psychoneuroimmunology and anti-aging. Fifteen years ago, he developed the theory of Biocognitive Science and Psychology, a body-mind theory that explains how thoughts and their biological expression co-emerge within a cultural environment. He is the founder of the Biocognitive Science Institute in Montevideo, Uruguay, which conducts research and offers training in Biocognition principles.

Dr. Martinez has written numerous articles and research papers, lectures worldwide, and is the author of “The Mind-Body Code; How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Body.”  Part of his theory emerged from having been a primary science investigator into  the phenomenon of stigmata cases and spontaneous healing for the Catholic Church, BBC and National Geographic.   His website is

May 21, 2013  

Several commentaries including, Rise Up Or Die, from Chris Hedges, and Tara Lohan's exploration of Obama's policies which are destroying our environment. Also today, DOHS spying on citizens, from Dylan Murphy. Plus the latest on health and healing, and lots on the environment!

May 20, 2013  

Why our thinking about becoming more efficient with our resources, energy, agriculture is fundamentally flawed and why we should think in terms of resilience and conservation - with Steve Hallett.

Professor Steve Hallett is a British environmentalist and an Associate Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology at Purdue University in Indianapolis, where he specializes in plant pathogens and weed science, herbicide resistance, soil microbiology and agricultural and natural systems. He has been involved in bioherbicide research and development for over 18 years and has published extensively on the topic. He is also a faculty advisor to the university’s Full Circle Agriculture program and student farm. Steve is the author two important works – “Life without Oil”, which looks at the problems faced with peak oil scenarios. And his most recent publication is “The Efficiency Trap; Finding a Better Way to Achieve a Sustainable Energy Future,” which details why our impetus on efficiency in resources and energy is contributing to higher consumption and further threatening a sustainable future.

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