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November 27, 2013  

This episode is entirely devoted to a new in-depth investigative report on the topic of "The Hidden Hand: Who Really Holds Power?" Don't miss it!

November 26, 2013  

Gary discusses spontaneous breast cancer remission, omega 3 fatty acid and prostate cancer, and buffalo berries. Then from the environmental segment, an in-depth discussion on the true science behind GM foods. From the public health segment, corporate espionage and the secret war against citizen activism - from the Center for Corporate Policy. 


How to remain conscious during the inevitable collapse of our modern industrial civilization, with Dr. Carolyn Baker. 

November 25, 2013  

An all-new empowerment hour, with the latest in health and healing, plus commentary on environmental and sociopolitical issues, and more!

November 22, 2013  

JFK Series:  The motivation in the military and intelligence complex for eliminating JFK to continue the US’s war of aggression against Communism

James Douglas has been leading anti-war and anti-nuclear activist in the tradition of Thomas Merton beginning when he was a professor of religion at the University of Hawaii, a Christian theologian and author of “JFK and the Unspeakable.” This text has been considered by many as the single most authoritative work providing the motivation and historical rationale for the CIA and military industrial complex to eliminate President John Kennedy.  It served as a fundamental resource for Oliver Stone’s film JFK and has been praised by Daniel Ellsberg and doubters of the Warren Commission throughout the JFK research community.  In 1975 James founded Ground Zero Center for Nonviolelnt Action to protest the construction of the Trident missile nuclear submarine. He has participated in several peace missions including Iraq.  James is a member and co-founder of Religious Leaders for 911 Truth and founder of Mary’s House in Birmingham Alabama which provides services to the homeless community there.

November 20, 2013  

The role and failures of the Secret Service, and the confession of E Howard Hunt to his son regarding the “Big Event”  -- the murder of JFK

Vince Palamara became interested in the JFK assassination at the age of twelve and later realized that very little attention in the conspiracy literature gave attention to the Secret Service agency, which is assigned to protect Presidents.  He has become the leading civilian authority on Secret Service history and protocol. Vince’s research led him to personally contact over 80 individuals including former Secret Service agents, White House aides and surviving members of the Kennedy family. His research has been compiled in a recent new addition of his book “Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service and the JFK Murder” 


Vince earlier book, “JKF: The Medical Evidence Reference” is regarded as one of the most thorough texts on the physical examination of the medical forensics and coverup following Kennedy’s death.  His website is

Our guest is the son of the high CIA spymaster and Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt.  Saint John Hunt was born in the US however lived on various continents while growing due to his father’s activities with the CIA.  For the past 35 years Saint John has been involved with the music industry as a musician in addition to working in the healthcare profession.


Later Saint John reproduced the conversations with his father in addition to new information about the JFK assassination and Watergate in his book “Bond of Secrecy: My Life with CIA Spy and Watergate Conspirator E Howard Hunt” (Trineday books). His website is

November 19, 2013  

2 HOUR SPECIAL IN THE JFK SERIES with Jesse Ventura, Vince Palamara, and Robert Morningstar – The Warren Commission as evidence of complicity, other mysterious deaths, and the relevancy and lessons of the JFK assassination for todayA look at the medical forensics following Kennedy’s death, and a breaking news story of physical evidence of shots from grass knoll based upon film analysis looking for vapor trails

November 18, 2013  

The life and assassination of JFK’s mistress Mary Meyer.

Peter Janney is the son of the senior career CIA offiical Wistar Janney and his family was intimately involved with many of Washington’s social and political elite including the family of the high CIA official Cord Meyer, whose wife Mary Pinchot Meyer would become President John Kennedy’s mistress and close confidant. Janney himself was best friends with one of Mary’s sons (who died in an accident at an early age), and knew the Meyer family personally. Mary would later be found murdered in park near Georgetown in Washington DC eleven months after the JFK assassination.


In 1992, Janney met Leo Damore, an author researching Mary Meyer and the controversy surrounding her unsolved death. Damore committed suicide under mysterious circumstances in 1995, his book never completed.  Peter continued Damore’s research and his personal leads after acquiring the late author’s files.  Peter’s book, “Mary’s Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace” reveals previously unknown information about the CIA’s role in the Kennedy’s death and the murder of the woman who JFK wanted to divorce Jackie for.

Peter graduated from Princeton University,  received a doctorate in psychology from Boston University, an MBA from Duke University and has a psychological practice in Boston.  His website is

November 15, 2013  

A superfruit that can clean your arteries, and diet solutions for prostate health. Then, an original investigative report on the flu vaccine, pain, profit, and politics. And more!

November 14, 2013  

A look at the risks of investing in the stock market and predictions of where it is heading, with Robert Wiedemer.

Robert Wiedemer is the co-author, along with John David Wiedemer and Cindy Spitzer, of several books including America's Bubble Economy, Aftershock and Aftershock Investor.

November 13, 2013  

Leaked trade documents from the Trans Pacific Partnership that reveal the Obama administration’s push to protect/extend intellectual property, the rise in drug prices and limiting internet freedom

Dr. Margaret Flowers is a board certified pediatrician in Maryland who is currently working full time on the reform on America’s health care in favor of a single payer or Medicare for All system.  She is a co-chair of the Maryland chapter of the Physicians for a National Health Program, and one of its advisory board members. The national organization of PNHP now has over 18,000 physician members who support single payer universal health coverage. Margaret also sits on the board of the organization Healthcare Now!  She received media attention after her first arrest during the Senate Finance Committee meeting on healthcare in 2009, and then a second arrest for attempting to deliver a letter to the White House in response to President Obama’s state of the union address.  She earned her medical degree from the University of Maryland and did her residency at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

The role of gold in the battle of nations in the global economic market

Kelly Mitchell is a Canadian strategic business analyst, with a lengthy career in investment and an expert in trends within the globalizeRAd market. His insights have been praised by economists such as Paul Craig Roberts for their unique and non-conformist approach to peering more deeply into the forces orchestrating the world economy rarely seen within the conventional paradigm.  He is the author of several books and his most recent is Gold Wars: The Battle for the Global Economy.”  His website is

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