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May 29, 2015  

Start your weekend with Gary's latest news in health and healing, for living a longer happier life. Then, stay tuned for environmental updates, and in-depth commentary. An empowering hour!

May 27, 2015  

The science health benefits of oxygen therapy - with Scott Sherr. 

The mediterranean diet, garlic and cardiovascular health, good cholesterol lowers risk of heart disease, more evidence that dietary fiber reduces risk of diabetes, and megadoses of vitamin D can reduce hospital stays.

Dr. Scott Sherr is a medical expert in the science and use of hyperbaric oxygen medicine.  He is magna cum laude graduate from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and has received awards in excellence in the practice of internal medicine.  He is the medical director at the San Francisco Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine and more recently became the medical advisor for Hyperbaric Medical Solutions,  a state of art treatment facility in New York City. He is also the medical advisor for the nonprofit One Hit Away Foundation, which focuses on treatment of individuals with sports-related brain injuries. His focus has been on the treatment of PTSD and brain injuries among veterans and civilians, stroke, neurological disorders and Lymes disease. His webites are and

May 26, 2015  

Becoming wise to our social, political and environmental reality and the moral imperative to revolt and civil disobedience -- with Chris Hedges. 

Chris Hedges is one of our nation’s most insightful cultural critics, social and political activists and investigative journalists. For almost 20 years he was a foreign correspondent in war zones and conflicts in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans, having reported for The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor and other news outlets. While at the Times, Chris received the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for reporting on global terrorism. That same year he received Amnesty International’s Global Award for Human Rights Journalism. Over the years he has taught at Columbia, Princeton, NYU and the University of Toronto.

Chris has authored many bestselling books. Next week, a new one will be released entitled “Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt”, a philosophical, historical and timely exploration into the causes and clarion call for a new revolution against a repressive political and corporate hegemony. Chris’ weekly column can also be read every Monday at

May 21, 2015  

Today, chamomile tea reducing risk of death in latino women, a chinese herbal mixture reduces fatigue in cancer patients, and tylenol in pregnancy can lower testosterone in unborn boys, plus a lot more on health and healing. Then, a special report on chem trails. Also, how much would you guess physicians are paid by Pharma companies to stump for Rx products?

May 20, 2015  

Today, how natural sounds improve mood and productivity, natural plant chemicals in licorice root could help fight tooth decay, an animal’s presence can ease social anxiety in kids with autism, and Vitamin E’s benefits for building strong muscles.

Recent USDA report on the further 40% collapse in honey bee population  -- what we can do about it - with Ross Conrad.

Ross Conrad is a highly respected beekeeper in Middlebury Vermont relying upon organic methods of beekeeping and an expert in apitherapy – the medical usage of bee products such as honey, royal jelly, propolis, and bee venom. Ross learned his craft from the late world renowned beekeeper Charles Mraz and is a former president of the Vermont Beekeeper’s Association.  He is the owner and proprietor of Dancing Bee Gardens, which produces bee-related products and provides bees for the Vermont apple pollination in Spring.  He is a regular contributor to the publication Bee Culture, and is the author of “Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture.”  His website is

May 19, 2015  

Continuation of bad intel on Iraq and the return of the Neocons in the 2016 presidential campaign, with Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern served as an Army intelligence officer and a CIA analyst under 7 presidential administration, from the John F. Kennedy White House to that of George H. W. Bush. Among his duties was preparing the President’s Daily Brief, which was a one-on-one to President Ronald Reagan’s most senior national security advisers.  He was responsible for the analysis of Soviet intelligence regarding Vietnam. Since retiring from government service, Ray has been a vocal peace activist and journalist and helped create Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) to expose the way intelligence was falsified to “justify” war on Iraq.  Ray’s opinion pieces appear in many leading newspapers here and abroad.  He holds degrees in theology and philosophy from Fordham University, an MA in Russian History, is a graduate from Harvard Business School and has a certificate of theology from Georgetown University.   His website is  and more of his writings can be found on  

May 18, 2015  

The facts about the derogatory term AIDS denialism - what is truly being denied? With David Crowe

David Crowe is the President of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS and ReThinking AIDS, whose website he hosts at the  website, a science and news resource on all international research and commentary challenging the current HIV/AIDS model.  He is also the former president and treasurer for the Green Party in Alberta Canada.   David hosts the radio show “The Infectious Myth” on the Progressive Radio Network every Tuesday at 2:00 pm Eastern time.

May 15, 2015  

Joachim Hagopian (Hag-o-pian) has been a practicing clinical psychologist and counselor practicing in California for over 25 years, with an emphasis on disadvantaged youth, family abuse, the child welfare system and education. Joachim attended the US Military Academy at West Point through a Congressional appointment in the late 1960s.  After clashing with the system he was railroaded out at the end of his third year. This resulted in Joachim filing charges against the academy with failure to allow due process and won the case in a New York federal district court. This case set the precedent that continues today for cadets the have the right to present their case and witness before the academy. Joachim’s story is retold in his manuscript book “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.”  His writings focus on education, geopolitics, the national security and police state, and international relations for Global Research, many which have been featured on the Public Radio Network and Boiling Frogs. His website American Empire Exposed

May 15, 2015  

Gary does a special 2 hour interview with Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter. Bonnie Faulkner is an independent radio journalist whose regular program, Guns and Butter, has been an inspiration to many. The program investigates the relationships between capitalism, militarism and politics in the aftermath of the 911 attacks. The program is aired weekly on Pacifica stations WBAI and KPFA in Berkeley and PRN.  Her website is

May 15, 2015  

Gary goes over the TPP and other crucial issues. 

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